Eat Asia Night Food Market, Peckham

One of the many things we love about London is the many street food stalls and markets that pop up all over the place. Multiple food vendors in one location – what could be better than that?!

We heard about the Eat Asia Night Food Market from Time Out London and went to the website to buy our tickets straight away (£3 Advance or £5 OTD). In it’s second year of running, the Eat Asia Night Food Market is a culinary trip across Asia including the Taiwanese Bao, Chinese Dumplings, Malaysian Laska and so on. One thing we did notice missing was some representation from S.E Asia other than Thai – Cambodian, Vietnamese, etc. – but that would be a whole new food market in itself!

We went with £15 each in our pockets, and we had a genuine feast; at least a three-course meal’s worth of street food. Starter, main, dessert and side dishes!


Dish 1: Le Bao Truck bao buns. The traditional Taiwanese classic, these seem to have become really popular recently. The bun itself is so tasty – steamed and fluffy, and whilst my @ldn_eats counterpart had a delicious grilled cheese (veggie option) bao, I went for the chicken which was really succulent. 10/10

Dish 2: MeiMei Street Cart we knew we had to try this when the queue for MeiMei was taking up most of the car park! I had wonton nachos with pork belly, some spicy jalapeño goodness, dressed with spring onions and some chilli mayo. My @ldn_eats sis had the traditional Beijing street food  Jian Bing – kind of like an omlette, but much better. A definite recommendation to anyone looking for some Chinese street food.

Dish 3: The Ugly Dumpings we had five of the dumplings: duck and hoisin sauce, prawn and chives, chicken satay and spinach and tofu x2. Needless to say, we really enjoyed them but I think the winner for us was the beetroot noodles they were bedded on and the edamame beans.

Dish 4: Bubble Wrap Waffle dessert really topped off a good food day for us. Originating as a Hong Kong dish and now a popular street snack, we opted for the homemade waffle with raspberries, marshmallows and a salted caramel topping. Shaped as bubble wrap, the waffle would burst a little in your mouth. They’ve got tonnes of other combos which are perfect for dessert lovers. If you’re looking for something a bit different, definitely give this place a try – their home is on Berwick Street in Soho.

If your worried that you missed out, never fear! The Eat Asia Night Food Market is returning to Peckham on 5-6th August with their Summer Beer Party! Head on over to their website to purchase your £3 tickets now.

If you’d like any more information on this restaurant, or any of the other restaurants we have reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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