Bombay meets London, Dishoom King’s Cross

It’s 8pm on a nondescript Tuesday night in London. I’m walking out of Dishoom and there’s 50 person plus queue out the door… I’m thanking my past self for getting there early and walking in to find there’s a table available for us.

Dishoom, on Stable Street, King’s Cross is a huge eclectic mix of grandeur and modernism. Located minutes from the station, in a restored industrial Victorian building, this is where London meets Bombay.

If King’s Cross doesn’t take your fancy, then try the Shoreditch, Carnaby Street or Covent Garden Dishoom.

When we got there (early, around 6pm) we were seated straight away. The service was good – in such a big place you could almost forgive the waiting staff for forgetting about you, but that wasn’t the case at all. Our waitress was attentive, and gave us recommendations of what was nice on the menu which is always appreciated.

What’s more, we love Dishoom’s affordability. Before going, I’d heard so much about it and because of its notoriety  I had associated this with being expensive. But when I had a look at the menu online, I was shocked because it really isn’t expensive at all, with our meals coming to around £25 each – that’s with a cocktail, starter, main and chai.

The Vada Bau: Bombay meets London

The Vada Pau: Bombay’s version of London’s chip butty, with Ghati masala to taste. This is Mumbai’s street food classic which is taking the London Indian restaurant scene by storm. Consisting of deep-fried potatoes and various spices, this was delicious and something I’d recommend anyone to try.

The Chloe Frankie – I make that naan o’clock

The Chloe Frankie: open-ended naan parcels with spiced chickpeas, fresh coriander and minty green chutney. This was like a fresh, wholesome wrap. I love chickpeas and so this was the perfect filler, with cool minty green chutney to balance the dish, this combination of ingredients worked really well.

The Bhang Lassi, rum instead of hemp

The Bhang Lassi: traditional Holi drink with fresh shredded mint taking the place of the hemp 😜 other ingredients include ginger, grenadine, candied fennel sprinkles, almond syrup and yoghurt. With some rum for good measure.

Cocktails! Bhang Lassi and the Chaijito
To end the evening: Chai goodness

Whether you’re in Bombay or London, some traditions never tire – a good pot of English Breakfast Assam to cleanse the palette and bring the caffeine levels back up.

Dishoom is a great restaurant, I was catching up with a good friend I hadn’t seen in months and this really was the perfect setting. I had a lovely evening and it is somewhere I would visit again. As Dishoom operates a no booking policy in the evenings, we’d recommend getting there early to avoid the queues!

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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