The Englishman’s Italian: Bunga Bunga, Battersea

Girl’s Night Out. Anyone who’s watched Sex and the City will know about Girl’s Night… 5 best friends, fashion forward outfits, food in lavish restaurants, fruity cocktails, dancing til the early hours. GNO.

Bunga Bunga, based on Battersea Bridge Road is a lively wining and dining experience that captures all we want and look for in Girl’s Night.

We went on a Friday night and headed straight to the bar. It was 9pm and already pretty packed with revellers, welcoming in the last bank holiday of the year. Starting as they meant to go on.

We had pre-ordered some alcohol which was £20 each for 5 bottles of prosecco, and were happy to find they were gladly waiting for us behind the bar, on ice.

When we were seated at the table, we were bought out green olives and freshly baked focaccia bread. The anti-pasti was amazing, we had: Wild mushroom and truffle aracini with spicy tomato sauce, warm scamozza and confit tomato bruschetta, chicken Milanese with aioli, mixed green leaf and plum vine tomato salad, and the mother of all meat boards including salame Milano, capacollo, prosciutto and wild boar. All went down an absolute treat and it was a surprise we had any room left by the time the main course came out.

The pizza was amazing. Two jumbo sized pizzas as long as the table – thin crust margarita, pepperoni, veggie. You name it, we had it. It was filling and delicious, especially the tomato base which had been seasoned beautifully.

Pizza for days…

And to finish the night we had a shot of limoncello to see us off. £27pp may seem more on the expensive side, but for the amount of food we had it was really good value.

If I’m being truthful, which I always am, I would of preferred to eat a little earlier. Our table was booked for 9.30pm, and by this point it was already pretty busy and people had started finishing their meals and started drinking. The entertainment started during our dinner which made it pretty difficult to have a conversation with even the person sitting next to you. The entertainment was good though, karaoke was on and everyone, surprisingly, was fairly decent.

Also, I found the room unbearably hot which made dancing quite difficult so I spent quite a lot of the time on my chair.  Admittedly, we are in the middle of summer but a bit of air con or opening a window or two wouldn’t go amiss.

The upstairs of the restaurant turned into a club with all the latest chart tunes. We met loads of people and spent the night drinking prosecco, flirting with the bouncers, and dancing. The perfect GNO.

All in all, the night fulfilled its promise of booze flowing, fantastic food and a night of fun with my best friends. Yes, there are flaws and it’s not a place I would come to all the time but on that long, hot summer’s evening  it was just what the doctor ordered.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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