Fish is the Dish of the Day, at Bistro 8 Southampton

Bistro 8 is a beautiful restaurant, based right upon the Universal Marina in Southampton. As soon as we got out the taxi I could smell that cool, salty sea air as the breeze swept over us.

The decor is a cool mix of modernity and rustic charm. The waiters are friendly, helpful, and put up with our group’s changing menu demands which is always appreciated.

Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy – when the boat comes in!

For starters I had smoked salmon and crayfish with a horseradish foam and sough dough shards. This was no Sainsburys salmon either, it was so fresh tasting and I know this sounds silly but, really fishy!

Stone bass goodness on a bed of potato rosti and samphire

For main, I chose the stone bass fillet, pan-fried, with a creamy fish sauce, samphire and a potato rosti. When it first came out I was slightly disappointed by the portion sizes. But, when I started eating it it soon became clear I was just being greedy because there was so much meat on that fish! The fish sauce was lovely and samphire, I’ve never tried it before but it was a mix between broccoli and asparagus. I really enjoyed it and the rosti was a nice touch.

It’s waffle time, it’s waffle time, wouldn’t you like some waffles of mine?

Dessert was unexpected. I was pleasantly full after my starter and main, and so when the waiter came round for orders I declined. ‘Are you sure?’ … after a 10 second re-think (I’m easily persuaded) I ordered the Belgian waffles with pomegranate jewels and home made ice cream. I was glad I did! This I think, was my favourite part of the meal by far. The waffles were toasted and slowly melted the cool ice cream. The pomegranates were a lovely touch and gave it a citrus flavour.

Although Southampton is not a place I normally frequent, I would definitely consider coming here again if I was in the area! The food was of a high standard and quality, beautifully presented in a serene setting. The waiters were friendly and the price (although it was a work meal, thanks expenses) was decent. 2 courses for under £25.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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