Vietnamese style BBQ at CôBa, King’s Cross

CôBa is a contemporary and fashionable Australian-inspired restaurant, specialising in Vietnamese BBQ dishes. We didn’t know barbecue could feel so healthy up until now but the food at CôBa left us feeling full without it being stodgy!

A slight downside is the location – it’s not in the most ideal place, being approximately a 20-minute walk from King’s Cross station in between residential flats and industrial buildings. However, once you’ve actually arrived it all goes uphill from there.

For a Tuesday night it was buzzing; it’s got a cool and casual vibe, service is good, making it a great place to catch up with friends. I liked the simplicity of the menu, it’s not overly complicated but they do it well.

For starters we shared the vegetarian spring rolls (£6) with dipping sauce. You get four in a set. The spring rolls were extra crispy and full of veggie goodness. This was complemented by the dipping sauce which had a hint of chilli. For mains we had the lemongrass BBQ pork noodle bowl for £13.50. This was amazing – they weren’t stingy with the amount of pork in the rice noodles bowl. It was delicious and beautifully matched with lots of greens (shredded carrot, lettuce, etc.) on the side to ensure a fresh, lightness to the bowl. Only empty bowls in sight by the end of the meal!

Big bowl of pork, lemongrass and noodle goodness

The total price was really reasonable – a glass of wine, shared starter and big plate for £22! I’d definitely go back to CôBa, it’s got a cool vibe. The menu isn’t fussy, but they do it really well. It’s simple, easy and delicious food.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.

Feature image credit: Damon Bui


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