A foodies guide to a winter mini-break in Hamburg

Based in St. Georg, Hamburg Falafel L’Amira is a simple, canteen-like restaurant which, with it’s exterior hidden under scaffolding, we would have definitely walked past if we did not know it was there. But, underneath the scaffolding it is an authentic restaurant that does delicious food full of hearty flavours and aromatic spices.

We’ve never had Syrian cuisine before, and so we were interested to see what the difference was between other Mediterranean diets like Lebanese, Turkish and Greek. In our opinion, the types of food on offer are very similar to Lebanese cuisine, as the menu included an array of delicious mezze sharing platters.

Falafel L’Amira is not stingy on the portions which is exactly what you want for Mediterranean food. We shared the mezze platter which was full of our favouries: hummus, baba ganoush, rice, chicken, lamb, beef, grilled veg and more! The platter was supposed to be for 1 person, but we got this with a side of tabbouleh and baba ganoush and there was more than enough for both of us. All of this with a drink came to €12.50. At the end, they bought us out a spiced tea which was a cultural way to end the meal.


If you are in Hamburg, Falafel L’Amira is definitely worth a visit. Cheaper than a lot of the other Arabic restaurants in Hamburg, this place provides excellent value for money and delicious healthy and wholesome Syrian food.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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