Cheese Appreciation Society at 90 Degree Melt, Mile End

We were so excited to stumble across, by chance, a new restaurant to East London #winning. 90 Degree Melt has just opened, less than a week ago, on Mile End Road. Geared towards tapas-style grilled cheese sandwiches and American comfort food, this place is cool, a nice place to hang out and always importantly – they really love cheese.

Image Credit: 90 Degree MELT


What’s more each melt sandwich has been thoughtfully named. We went for the aptly named ‘Donald Trump Mexican Melt’ – described as ‘the infamous Mexican affair’ this sandwich has smoked chipotle sauce, corn, peppers and roasted veggies with creamy, gooey cheese. The smoked sauce was the deal clincher for me; it smelt amazing and was really tangy. It’s only £4.25 which by anyone’s standards makes it a bargain.

We love this new place and hope it does really well; it’s fun and has a sense of humour about it. What’s more the staff are really friendly. We’d definitely go back there for a bite to eat and maybe even a drink next time too.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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