Festive Feels at M Restaurant, Victoria

Instead of presents this year, my boyfriend and I decided we would go out for a lovely Christmas meal instead. We wanted to eat somewhere that we wouldn’t choose usually, and so we went through the entire ‘star deals’ section on the Bookatable app (which we highly recommend btw). 

After a few days messaging backwards and forwards over WhatsApp, sending what we thought were some of the best deals for consideration, we came across the 4 courses and free-flowing prosecco for £36.50 deal by M Restaurants. Already really popular, we managed to get an 8.30pm table in Victoria just a few days before Christmas.

The evening of the meal we decided to get all dressed up and headed out to Victoria, with the restaurant being only a five minute walk from the station. Having worked on Victoria Street for the past two years, and M restaurant appearing in the last year or so, I have always been intrigued as to what the restaurant is like. As you walk in, you enter into a champagne and fine wine shop. We were directed by the front of house staff downstairs into the main bar/ seating area, which was buzzing and had a really good ambience as people celebrated the last few days of work before the holidays. Going for a ‘black is the new black’ theme, the restaurant is beautifully decorated; we were glad we dressed for the occasion.

Although we got there a bit early, we were seated at our table almost immediately, ready for prosecco and 4 courses of food to get the Christmas celebrations underway.

The first course was black taramasalata with sourdough shards. For seconds I had the buttermilk fried chicken (chicken karaage) with wasabi mayonnaise, chilli, garlic. The kaarage was ultimately a really succulent chicken nugget with a crispy tempura skin on it – top marks, this was amazing. My boyfriend had the organic salmon sashimi with jalapeños and pickled ginger. The sashimi did taste fairly different to the authentic Japanese sashimi I tried in Tokyo – it was a lot less fresh but probably more designed for ‘Western’ taste buds. Overall, this was still tasty.

For the main courses we chose the guinea fowl with red cabbage and the sea bream with pak choy, lemon crumb and yuzu. I’ve never tried guinea fowl before, and I have to say I really liked it, being quite similar to chicken in its texture and taste. The sea bream too tasted beautiful, and being quite rich it was well balanced with the more sour-tasting pak choy.

For dessert we shared both the options: the pumpkin pie and the dulce mousse with bacon, buckwheat and sweet corn ice cream. Personally I found the mousse quite disappointing as all of the flavours promised didn’t really come through and it was fairly bland. I did however love the pumpkin pie with lime, desiccated coconut shavings and cream.

The main criticism for me was that the food came out so quickly one after the other, that it did at times feel quite rushed. The precision in timing is great for those who are wanting to meet for a lunch time meeting in this part of the city and are under time pressures to get back to the office, but as it was a dinner serving and a special occasion for us we wanted to have time in between courses to sit and chat.

That being said, I definitely would come here again. The menu is so interesting, and I’d love to try the M Raw wagyu on offer. It’s not somewhere you’d come all the time, being on the more expensive side of what I would usually pay, but for a special occasion this was perfect. For 4 courses and, yes we definitely took advantage of the free-flowing prosecco, we paid £80 in total including service charge. The staff were really attentive too and were always on hand to fill up our prosecco.

If you’d like any more information on any of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, please free feel to contact us.


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